Tim Rupard is an avid outdoors-man who is passionate about doing things right. He started hunting at 14 yrs old when his parents moved from the city to a small rural town east of Atlanta, Social Circle GA. Tim attended high school and church in that little town and this is where his passion for being out of doors really began to grow. However, some of his fondest memories as a child were going squirrel hunting in the mountains of North Carolina with his father and grandfather. He shot his first squirrel there with a bolt action, Stevens model .410. There was something about the smell of the gun powder, the fall leaves, the soft clump of fur in his hands, the success of having taken game, the overwhelming smell of squirrel dumplings being cooked throughout the night over a pot bellied stove in the smoke house. All these things culminated into a love for hunting that drives Tim throughout the cold months to be a witness to every sunrise he can be a part of. 
        Although Tim avidly hunts deer, turkey, squirrel, and rabbit, his real passion is combing the skies for ducks and geese. At 18 on a commercial construction job in Helen, Ga Tim came across a few ponds that were visited regularly by ducks. He usually saw them in the afternoons as he spent a good bit of time fishing there. The property belonged to one of the local contractors and he had indicated that Tim could hunt deer there in the upcoming season. As deer season came in Tim was drawn to sit near the ponds in search of a little venison but his attentions were soon distracted into watching the morning display of waterfowl that generally kept the deer safe! Soon Tim was realizing that there was something magical about watching ducks peel out of the sky and land on the water in the early morning light. He knew nothing of duck hunting, nothing of wing shooting, nothing about calling or decoying ducks, but he knew he was falling for a new love. The year was 1988. He had never read the first DU magazine, the first article about how to hunt ducks. He did know you needed some sort of decoys so he set out to find something that would work. In the Flea Market above Helen he found 4 planters that were made of styrofoam. They were life size mallard ducks with plastic, swivel heads. Tim ran a bolt through the bottom for a weighted line and filled the hole in the back designed for a small pot with spray foam, painted one like a hen and touched up the others to look like live mallard drakes and went duck hunting. His first morning the mallards came and flew straight to his decoys. He shot, he missed, but he was simply impassioned. He went the entire season without killing a duck but he got shots off and watched ducks "decoy" to his pitiful spread time and time again. As that first season came to an end Tim was more in love with duck hunting than he ever thought he could be. He used those styrofoam decoys for years after that even with his newly purchased Flambuex Dekes. There was something magically nostalgic about them. The next year he actually bought a duck call, a Faulks Mallard Call, and he began to scare away more ducks than he called in. 
              Over the following few years Tim grew in his passion for duck hunting and it molded his life a good bit. He began to raise and train laborador retrievers and then one day he walked into a small hunting store in Conyers GA, struck up a conversation with a young man about his lab and a life long friendship began that would eventually change Tim's life. Adam Marlowe, now a pro-staff member on the Rais~A~Ruckus Hunt Team taught Tim how to use a duck call. 
   This is a great time to say, "and the rest is history" but of course there are so many twists and turns to this story that brought Tim to being a call maker. All in all, it started there and Tim now spend most of his days making calls that are exceptional in quality and unmatched in beauty.  Tim wants nothing more than to help develop your passion for the outdoors. Let Rais~A~Ruckus Calls be a part of that story for you. 

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