Iroko Wood Duck Call
The Iroko Wood Duck Call

Iroko Wood Duck Call

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Wood Duck Call, single piece, Iroko
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This Rais~A~Ruckus wood duck call is hand made as are all the calls made by Rais~A~Ruckus Game Calls. Every call is slightly unique in its design and made of only the highest quality woods. There is little difference in the calls sound, simply the aesthetics of the wood they are made of. They all sound incredible! This has been said to be the best sounding and easiest wood duck call to blow on the market!! The woods used are; Paduak, Cherry, Walnut, Crotch Walnut, Osage Orange, Osage Flame, Iroko, Iroko Burn, Sapele Smoker, Leopardwood, Zebrawood. You can also have some custom artwork put on your call as well. *Some wood takes artwork better than others. Watch these videos about our wood duck calls:
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK. WE ARE SORRY!  Check out the Zebra Wood duck, they are virtually the same!

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