Pro Series Indian Palm
The Indian Black Palm Pro Series Mallard Duck Call with Clear Open Water, Sinlgle Reed Insert

Pro Series Indian Palm

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Indian Palm Open Water, Single reed, Mallard Call
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The Pro Series Calls are the Top of the line and compete with any call on the market. Tim has been a duck hunter for over 25 years and has been successfully calling ducks for 23 of those years. As a long time fan and supporter of RNT Tim decided he wouldn't sell a call if he couldn't make his calls sound as good as his old faithful RNT calls. Every one of the Pro Series are hand tuned to his exacting specifications by him. These calls have the raspy sound of a double reed with the control and variable tones of a single reed call. They are bright and loud but you can call very softly on them as well. This particular call is made of Indian Black Palm and has super density as do all the pro series calls. It is a very unique look and will be the envy of all your duck hunting buddies. If you are a serious hunter or have a nice collection, this call needs to be yours!


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