Pro Series Teal Call
Pro Series Teal Call

Pro Series Teal Call

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Hen Teal call
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The Pro Series Teal Call. Not a teal whistle, the hen teal call makes the "laughing" sound you want when targeting both Blue wing and Green wing teal. Not everyone knows that the hen actually makes a little quacking sound because usually all we hear is the drake whistling when they are flying by us at ridiculous speeds! Check out our video to get an idea of how these calls should sound and how well they work. Note: Every teal call is made a little different from different types of wood. you can request specific woods that may change the price a little, however, if you just order one, it may not look like the one pictured here.. So, take the time to send me an email or make some notes on the order form if you would like it darker or lighter or if you have a specific type of wood you would like that you saw somewhere else on this website. 
Check out the video for this call here:

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