Texas Rigs for Decoys
Texas Rigs for Decoys

Texas Rigs for Decoys

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1 dozen (12) 42" Texas Rigged Decoy weight system. Including the D-Ring and Heavy Duty Clasps.

Rig your set with the easiest system to deploy and pick up. 

These are designed for the sinker to stay at the bottom, and the decoy clasp slides. This makes pick-up much easier and cleaner. 

Don't settle for less than the best! As usual, the Rais~A~Ruckus Standard is to be no less than the best, These are handmade and designed for serious waterfowlers. 

ATTENTION; FOR MULTIPLE SETS, CONTACT US FOR A SHIPPING QUOTE. If you don't you will end up paying too much for shipping.. you can email or call. [email protected] or 7702629962 (Tim)

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